Current Show with a Visual art Exhibit with settings or scenery showing any form of coffee, tea, hot or cold drinks in a favorable manner.


Open to all Fort Pierce Members and artists residing on the Treasure Coast who wish to join the Fort Pierce Art Club. 


1. Open to artists working in all visual art. 

2. Original work must be hung with wire hangers. NO sawtooth hangers or glass framed artwork will be allowed. Framed plexiglass is allowed.

3. Entry fee is $5 for members and includes up to two pieces of art.  Current non-members may join for $40 which includes participation for 3-months in the exhibit, 1-year membership and entry fee.

4. Space for accepted work is limited; not all entries will be accepted to show. Artists members whose work is not accepted for this exhibit, will be refunded the $5.00. 

5. Payment of entry fee is due at the time of submission. Entry fees are payable to the Fort Pierce Art Club. Proceeds from the entry fee will benefit the Fort Pierce Art Club’s public art and education programs. 

6. Works will be judged on craftsmanship as well as the “Theme” being depicted in a tasteful 

and original manner. No eroticism or graphic violence will be considered. 

7. Finished pieces should be no more than 40” x 40”, including framing. Pieces are not required to be framed but edges must be painted.

8. Artwork should be priced to sell. If the work is not for sale, please include value designation and indicate NFS (not for sale). 

9. Art should have the artist’s name on the back of their piece.


1. All work must be finished and completely dried. 

2. All work must be ready to hang and be manageable by one person. Weight limit including framing is limited to 20 pounds. 

3. Hand deliver the finished artwork to Cool Beans Brew, 1115 Delaware Avenue, Fort Pierce, FL on Saturdays and Mondays from 10 am to noon.

4. Submission forms will be provided on Saturday and must include your name, phone number, address, the work’s title, and price.  

SUBMISSION (continued)

5. Submission does not guarantee that all work will be accepted to show. Work not selected to show must be picked up on Monday, 10 am to noon. Artists will be notified by phone. 

6. While the Fort Pierce Art Club,Inc. and Cool Beans Brew will do its best to ensure the safety and proper hanging of the art while on display, Cool Beans Brew or the Fort Pierce Art Club will NOT be responsible for art that is lost, damaged, or stolen.


1. The Selection Committee composed of professional artists and staff will choose the work to show after all the deliveries have been made. 

2. Notification of selections will be emailed to all entrants via email. 

3. Ribbon Awards will be given at the Fort Pierce Art Club’s discretion for First, Second, and Third places and three Honorable Mentions. The decision of the jurors is final. 

4. There will be no ART WALK until the all clear for the coronavirus is given by the State.

5.  Artists may choose to leave their work up for an additional 3-months for $5.


1. Cool Beans Brew Owners will handle all sales, collect and pay sales tax, absorb credit card fees, and retain a commission of 30% on any and all sales. A portion of this commission will be given back to the Fort Pierce Art Club.

2. Payment for sold works will be made within 10 days of the patron taking satisfactory possession of their purchases. 

3. Artists whose work sells for over $600 will be required to provide a W-9 before they are paid. 

4. Unsold artwork be picked up.  Artists may choose to leave their work up for an additional 3-months for $5.  


Please direct any questions to Jeanne Johansen, President, Fort Pierce Art Club at 772-579-1529 or email FORTPIERCE.ART.CLUB@gmail.com. Please do not call Cool Beans Brew with questions about entering the show. 

ARTIST’S NAME (Please Print):  __________________________________________________________

Email:  _______________________________________________________________________________

Displayed Art #1 Name:  ________________________________________________________________

Size of Art #1: _______________________________  Price of Art #1: _____________________________

Medium of Art #1 (Circle one)  Oil Acrylic Watercolor           Other: ________________________

Displayed Art #2 Name:  ________________________________________________________________

Size of Art #2: _______________________________  Price of Art #2: _____________________________

Medium of Art #2 (Circle one)  Oil Acrylic Watercolor           Other: ________________________

I have read and agree to the display terms outlined in this document:  _____________________________

                                                                                              (Artist’s Signature)